Reading Skills Progress


So far we have read up to page 193. We have worked on the skills of using active reader strategies, character traits, and making inferences using examples from the text.

I have struggled as a teacher with feeling like I should stop and get some work done with our PBL vs. wanting to just keep reading the book so it keeps the emotional impact. I am going to try and get close to finishing the book next week so that we can spend November working totally on our PBL.

PBL Progress


(During the month of October, we were able to use our list of Need to Know Questions to pre-search in the library and in the computer lab. We have also been able to watch the videos I have listed on the main page, as well as one called "The Urban Gorilla" which was the documentary made by National Geographic that got Ivan noticed in the first place! It was WONDERFUL! I would be happy to lend it to anyone! I will mail it if you would like.)

1. Today I handed out the Critical Thinking Rubric (see resources below) made by BIE and we went over each section as a class. Students were able to understand what would be expected of them and create high quality work for our collaborative book.

We thought we could separate the book into two main sections, Yes, We Should Capture and Cage Animals When..." and "No, We Should Never Capture and Cage Animals Because..." We decided each of those sections may be broken into sub-categories but we need to see what and how students research. We also realize that other classes will have input into how the book is set up.

2. We then made a New Need to Know List of Questions we needed in order to create our collaborative book (see resources below.)

In addition, I was able to watch "Blackfish" on CNN last night. I bought the movie as a possibility to show students but feel it may be way too much for them. It was way too much for me! I would love to hear other thoughts on this.

Urban Gorilla

New Need to Know List of Questions to Create Our Collaborative Book

Critical Thinking Rubric