The Global Google Glass Project - Connecting with Student in Pennsylvania
What it's like to wear Google Glass:

Project Contact Person: Maggie Powers (@mpowers3)

Background Information

This project will involve collaborations between Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade classes near Philadelphia, PA, USA using Google Glass and other classes around the globe who want to participate in virtual field trips, Google Hangouts, and other collaborative projects. You can learn more about how I came to win Glass here .

Goals of the Project
  • To share first-person perspectives of students and teachers with other students around the world
  • To exchange information with other classes about community events, cultural celebrations, and school life
  • To learn about places around the world by exchanging pictures and video
  • To discuss digital citizenship with students and help them understand what's appropriate to share and how to communicate kindly online
  • To involve students in using new, Google Glass technology and empower students to be innovators and creators

Duration September 2013 - May 2014

The Project Options*

  • Classroom Tours
    • Sign-up for this option if you are interested in connecting with one or more Pre-K to 2nd grade classes to see a tour, led by students, of their classroom. Students in PA will wear Google Glass and take video and pictures sharing and explaining different areas of their class. Your students can take pictures and video using any digital device to share with classes in PA. We will use a wiki to post and share the classroom tours.

  • Virtual Field Trips/Live Hangouts
    • Sign-up if you would like to "visit" a Pre-K to 2nd grade class during their morning meeting or another part of their day or follow them as they take Google Glass on a field trip or to attend a special performance at school. Students at our school in PA will provide a first-person perspective from the point of view of a Pre-K, K, 1st, or 2nd grade students, as well as teacher viewpoints. During the visit, your class can ask questions and interact with students via video chat. As a follow-up activity, your class can host a Skype or Google Hangout session to let students in PA visit one of your classes or assemblies.

  • First-Perspective Lessons
    • Sign-up to have your students exchange lessons with students in Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st, or 2nd grade who have recorded lessons (e.g., how to count by 10's) from their perspective using Google Glass. They might record their teacher explaining something or they might explain a lesson themselves and then we will post them on the wiki for your class to view. We can then use the wiki or tools like Voicethread to discuss what was learned and your class can create their own lessons to share in return.

  • Observing our Environment
    • Sign-up for this project if you would like to exchange observations and pictures/videos of the weather and changing seasons with students in PA. Pre-K, K, 1st, and 2nd grade students will be taking videos and pictures using Google Glass to document changing in the weather over time. We will post them on the wiki and your class can record their questions, observations and their own videos and pictures too.

Registration Form

If the form doesn't display, you can access it here:

How the Project Works

  1. Sign up for a project using the form above
  2. Wait to be contacted by the project organizer
  3. Begin exchanging information with your partner class via the wiki
  4. Post your own project artifacts (videos, pictures, questions, etc) on the wiki
  5. If interested, classes can also have real-time video calls to deepen discussions and build relationships
  6. Invite your students to reflect on the project and their new connections, as well as their experiences learning via Google Glass

Student Involvement

The goal of this project is to have students acting as the main leaders and creators and teachers acting as facilitators. Obviously with younger students, teachers may need to provide more support, especially in navigating some of the technology.

Project Examples & Showcase!

If you want to get a sense of what can be captured via Google Glass, check out these initial postings.

More project artifacts will be posted here soon!

*If you have other project options to suggest, please contact me! I'm open to all suggestions!