The SAV School & The Open World Cause

Through the Global Classroom Project, we’ve come to meet and connect with some amazing educators around the world. Perhaps the most important of these connections has been with Govinda Panthy, founder and director of the Shantideep Adarsh Vidhyasadan (SAV) School in rural Bhaktapur, Nepal (

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About the SAV School
The SAV School is one of the most amazing little schools we’ve ever discovered, with its’ director and students making a significant global impact through their online connections with classes around the world. With a solitary (slow) Internet connection, and two laptops, the students of the SAV School, Nepal are more globally connected than many students in the Western world. And they are sharing, learning, and collaborating in a little village school with wooden desks, dirt floors, and mud walls.

Recently, #globalclassroom teacher Wendi Pillars visited the SAV School – you can read her story here. I am hoping to personally make the trek in a few years time.

The Open World Cause – Supporting the Future of the SAV School
Through Govinda, we met the founders of the Open World Cause, an American charity dedicated to supporting the SAV School, and currently working to raise funds to secure its long-term future. This group of college students have taken it upon themselves to help make the essential work of SAV School possible, and they truly deserve our public and financial support. You can learn about their story here, and visit their official website at

The goal of the Open World Cause is simple – to raise enough money to enable Govinda to buy the land and materials he needs to build a new school, ensuring that he can meet the long term educational needs of his local, under-served community. And here at The Global Classroom Project, we believe this is a cause well worth supporting.

Learn More & Donate!
Please, we ask you to take a moment to learn more about the SAV School, and consider making a small (or large!) donation to the Open World Cause.

With a long-term fundraising goal of around $100 ooo (for land, materials, and construction costs), this is a real-world project worth supporting. Over the course of Global Classroom 2013-14, we’ll be working with teachers and schools around the world to help spread the word, and raise funds for this important project, and we’d greatly appreciate your help and support.

Michael Graffin
Global Classroom Project Co-Founder

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