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The Global Classroom Project - The Story So Far & 2012-13 Launch

Michael Graffin & Various #globalclassroom teachers
Global Education Conference (Online) #GlobalEd12
November 16, 2012. (11AM GMT)

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Future Learning Action Talk - The Global Classroom Project

Michael Graffin, Invitation from Flat Classroom Projects

BlackBoard Collaborate Recording

Working in the Global Classroom: A Guide to Connecting and Collaborating Globally

Michael Graffin & Nigel Mitchell
Australian Computers in Education Conference 2012
Perth, Western Australia

UStream Recording Link
Presentation Notes

Global Classroom 2011-12 - Closing Webinar

Virtual 4T Conference

Theresa Allen, Kyle Dunbar, Erin Cassedy, Katie Cherry

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The Global Classroom Project - A Learning Community Is Born

Global Education Conference - November 2011

Global Classroom 2011-12 - Launch Webinar (October 1, 2011)

Blackboard Collaborate Recording