Olympic Hero Voicethread Project


Voicethread Link:

Project Goals:
  • Students will name an Olympic hero on the main page.
  • On first (main) page:
    • Tell your first name, city, country, and the Olympic hero you will describe
  • Students will add a photo of their Olympic hero and describe him/her.
  • On their hero page:
    • 1. What qualities does the hero you chose possess?
    • 2. What deeds has your hero done?
  • Students will have a better global understanding of Olympic heroes.

Duration: Ongoing: Starting November 2013 ending June 2014

Targeted Grade Levels/Age Groups:Ages 7 and up.

How This Project Works:
Students will research an Olympian,one who possesses qualities of a hero. They will also describe the qualities and deeds the hero possesses. After writing a narration, they will upload a photo for the Voicethread and narrate. At the end, students will listen to a compilation of heroes around the world and comment.

1. Only one Olympian hero per student - no duplicates.
2. Images need to be allowed for public use. Only student first names and last initials used.
3. Check the results list first before students choose a hero.
4. Students fill out the Olympic Hero Voicethread survey to add hero.

How to Join:
1. Contact Theresa Allen __tallen@csrn.org__, Twitter/Skype at tdallen5.