“My Eyes, Our World”
My Eyes Our World.png

Project Goals:
Students will gain knowledge of and comfort with people of different cultural, racial, and ethnic backgrounds.
Students will recognize similarities and differences between themselves and others around the world.
Students will critically analyze photographs to determine symbolism.

Duration: This project will be ongoing and the first photo challenge will commence in January of 2014.

Targeted Grade Levels/Age Groups:Ages 11 and up. Classes will be grouped with others in a similar age range.

How This Project Works:
Students will complete a series of weekly photo challenges using their own personal cameras or other digital devices. For example, a photo challenge could be to find what symbolizes respect in their lives. Once students have captured this image, they must upload it to our classroom wiki. Other classes from around the world will be asked to complete the same photo challenges. Students must also become photojournalists and narrate what their picture is and why they chose it.

1. Students are required to use proper grammar, spelling, and refrain from using any slang. Teachers will also be asked to monitor appropriateness of photos.
2. Please be committed to the weekly photo challenges! My students are very anxious to view life from another area of the world and make comparisons.

How to Join:
1. Sign-ups will begin immediately in December 2013 with the first photo challenge posted in January 2014.

2. Students and teachers will each need to provide a working email address so they may be granted membership to our class wiki. Classroom teachers should also have a conversation with their students about what a wiki is and how collaboration is key to making this project successful.

3. Classroom teachers will be asked to suggest photo challenges and may be given the opportunity to create their own photo challenges every other month for students to complete.

For further information
Please contact me at: lauren.stone@sendit.nodak.edu

For help with how to create/use a wiki, please visit HYPERLINK "http://www.wikispaces.com/" http://www.wikispaces.com/