Are you interested in supporting and scaffolding teachers' use of technology to flatten their classroom walls?

We are building a global directory of #globalclassroom mentors and expert advisors, who are willing to answer questions and support the learning of teachers new to using ICT and global collaborative projects. All you need is some experience and a willingness to share!

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Are you looking for some guidance, advice, and support to get started with global connections and collaboration? We're here to help ...

We know what it's like to get started with ICT and global projects.

It can be a very difficult, challenging road; yet almost all of us have been informally mentored along the way. Connecting and working with an experienced mentor makes a HUGE difference, and this is something we are hoping to share more widely through the "Global Classroom Mentors" project.

In the past, finding a mentor has typically been a serendipitous affair, but to make your life easier, we've established a new Mentor Teacher Contact Directory, which we're sharing via this wiki (you need to join this wiki to access). We are also delighted to announce that Keith Tompkins from @Groups4Schools has set up an online mentoring community on his website, which you can join here.

Mentors Directory

The directory is organised to make it easy for teachers to find a Mentor who works in a similar age level, and who has skills and expertise to assist you in areas of interest, for example:

Global Connections & Collaboration
  • Designing Global Projects
  • Digital Handshakes
  • Project Management Tools
  • Personal Learning Networks
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Project Celebration

ICT Skills
  • Use of ICT in Early Childhood
  • Multimedia (Video, Audio projects)
  • Skype / Video-Conferencing
  • Blogging
  • Wikis
  • Edmodo

Please click here for instructions on how to access the Mentors Directory.