As teachers we:

  • Are working to improve our classroom practice, and build understandings of effective teaching and learning practices through collaborating and sharing expertise with teachers around the world.
  • Are working together to build an authentic, global learning community; showcasing how teachers can share resources, expertise, and support through global collaborative projects and personal learning networks (PLNs).
  • Want to become more comfortable in integrating technology & web 2.0 tools to collaborate and make global connections with teachers around the world.
  • Are interested in exploring ways to create global dialogue and discussion amongst teachers and students; enabling them to learn together and build cross-cultural understandings and respect
  • Hope to “meet new people and make new friends”, demonstrating the benefits of global educational relationships, networks, and collaboration in our local school communities.

We want our students to:

  • Have regular, authentic opportunities to talk, share, learn and collaborate with their classmates and other students around the world.
  • Share a little about their lives, interests, culture, school, and learning with children around the world; exploring what we have in common and what makes us different.
  • Develop a stronger sense of identity - as individuals, and as global citizens.
  • Be inspired and motivated to practice their English language skills in authentic, natural, and spontaneous ways.
  • Learn and practice new communication, literacy, collaborative, and ICT skills through their direct involvement in global projects as participants and experts.

To achieve these goals in #globalclassroom, we will:

  • Create online spaces and link-ups to facilitate educational collaborations & enable “kids to talk to kids”.
  • Showcase our students’ work on the official wiki and blog
  • Develop wiki resource pages for teachers interested in learning new ICT tools
  • Provide a range of non-ICT dependent projects which can enable teachers, unfamiliar with ICT, to participate in global projects for the very first time
  • Establish a global, multi-disciplinary organising team, building on various teachers’ expertise with global projects, ICT, and establishing authentic learning opportunities