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Global Wonderings: Asking the Big Questions in Our Classroom and World
Project Goals:
This project was created by my first grade class in Richmond, Virginia.
For this project, this students will respond to weekly questions about their everyday experiences and wonderings. Through the wiki, students across grade levels and continents will see the responses of their peers. Through this interactive sharing, students will learn about the life and questions of children across the globe while at the same time understand our innate sameness.
Duration: This project is ongoing and a new question is posted each Monday morning.
Targeted Grade Levels/Age Groups:Kindergarten-Twelfth grade (ages 5-17).
How This Project Works:
Teachers go to the wiki website ~ **** ~ and click JOIN. I will accept their membership within 24 hours. Teachers and their students can then login each week and post their response to our weekly wondering. We also welcome suggestions for future questions.
Teachers are also welcome and encouraged to request a CLASS PAGE where they ask their own BIG questions and seek response.
How to Join:This project is ongoing and teachers are welcome to request membership to our wiki at anytime.
For further information
Visit the Global Wonderings Wiki ~ ****
Email Dorothy ~