#ourcommunityed: Global Community Instagram Project

instagram photo.PNG

Project Goals:
  • Students will take photos of their communities and share using their class Instagram accounts.
  • Students will be able to identify the differences and similarities between their community and communities around the world.

This project will be an ongoing project. Classes can start and stop sharing photos of their communities whenever they wish to.

Targeted Grade Levels/Age Groups: Ages 7 and up.

How This Project Works:
Students will take photos of their community over the course of the year. Teachers will post the photos on Instagram with a caption of the photo (written by students) and a photo credit (just initials or first name of student) as well as include #ourcommunityed in the explanation. This hashtag will allow for other participants to search for photos in this project. Students will then get to see what different communities in the world look like. Their teachers can post their comments about the photos.

1. Please follow the classes participating in the project. There is a google spreadsheet with the class Instagram accounts of all participating classes.
2. Please tag the photos with #ourcommunityed .

How to Join:
1. Tweet @ZBettess or email __zoebettess@gmail.com__ to get the google form for signing up as well as the google spreadsheet for other participant’s classroom Instagram accounts.
2. Teachers will have to create their own class or school Instagram account to join this project.

For further information
DM me (@ZBettess) or or email me at zoebettess@gmail.com