What is geoguesser?

Five random locations are viewed in street view on Google Maps - and YOU have to figure out where you are! The closer you are to correct, the more points you receive. Click the map to place a marker. (You can move the marker around until the moment you click the GUESS button).

geoguesser 1.png

Project Goals:

Students will work together as teams to complete the GeoGuesser Challenge using map skills and geography skills.
All participants will receive certificates; highest winners will receive special award certificates. So even if you know others have a higher score, participate!

Schedule & due dates (Rounds 1-3 have already been completed)
All scores must be submitted by the due date.

Round 4 - December 20, 2013

Round 5 - February 14, 2014

Round 6 - May 9, 2014

Targeted Grade Levels/Age Groups:

6th- 12th grade (11 - 18 yr olds)


  • Students are to work in with 2-4 group members.
  • Name the team. (Teacher keeps track of team names and members.)
  • Only one score from each team is eligible for the final award.
  • All entries must be uploaded using the Google form on or before the due date.
  • Fill in this form to enter your score.

Help for students:

  1. Once you are given your first location, look around. See the street signs, vegetation, transportation, whatever you can use to find where this place is.You are in street view, so move around.
  2. Map can be zoomed to pinpoint a more exact location.
  3. Use only one computer for geoguesser; other team members search using the clues gathered!
  4. Try one game just to see how it works, then start again and 'get serious'.

Teacher's duties

  1. Introduce the project to students - try out GeoGuesser first so you are familiar with how it works.
  2. Show students how to save their 'scores' url.
  3. Record and keep track of participating teams.
  4. Remind students to upload their BEST score on or before the due date.
  5. Fill in this form to enter your score.

For further information:
This idea originated with Reinhard Marx, Social Studies teacher in Germany, and Janet Barnstable connecting through HLWSKypers group.
Janet Barnstable
Global Virtual Classroom GeoGuesser Challenge

Winning Scores - Junior -- 13 & under; Senior -- 14 & up; Adult or university students


Team Name




July 2013
The Winners' Group
Tim K., Fabian K, Jakob L
Realschule Sundern
July 2013
The Wild Chicks
Janina F., Carla S., Sonja J.
Realschule Sundern
August 2013
Reinhard Marx

Realschule Sundern
September 2013