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How you choose to be involved in the #globalclassroom community is up to you; however, we HIGHLY recommend formally registering for Global Classroom 2013-14, and joining this wiki. This makes it easier for us to contact you, and enables us to maintain up to date contact directories for teachers searching for potential collaboration partners (see below). The registration process takes 5 minutes, and only has to be done once (unless your contact details have changed).

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*If you teach multiple year levels, or an ICT Integrator / Principal, please register for the age groups you teach.

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The power of this community is its community spaces and contact directories, which enable teachers to find global connections and project opportunities. We provide a space for teachers interested in exploring, and pushing the boundaries of global collaborative projects in their classrooms. Whether your'e just starting out, or are an experienced global educator, there is a place for you.

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Find a Partner
Registered #globalclassroom teachers have access to our Contact Directories and email list. If you're looking for contacts in your grade level / subject area, you can:
  1. Search the directories and contact potential partners yourself
  2. Send an email to our email list,
  3. Contact a Global Classroom Lead Teacher / Mentor, and ask for advice / contacts, or
  4. Tweet your idea using the #globalclassroom hashtag.

Find a Project

We maintain our project database on this wiki, and share updates via our blog. You can contact project leaders using the contact details provided on their project pages. The wiki database will grow and evolve over the course of the year, so check back regularly.



If you have a story or project to share, you are welcome to guest post on our blog, and add a project description to our wiki (this one). We'll help publicise your work through our extensive social networks, introduce you to people working on similar ideas / subject areas, and provide assistance if you need it.

We are interested in showcasing your classroom stories, students’ learning, local communities, and cultures with authentic global audiences. We are happy to guest-post articles from teachers’ and class blogs, and are particularly keen to feature stories from your students - helping to make their voices heard on the world stage.

Working together, we can flatten our classroom walls, and enable our students' to become active, informed, collaborative global citizens.