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What is Flick-It-On!?

Flick-It-On! is a collaborative film making challenge for students from Year 1 – 8. The project is now in it’s fourth year and has developed from a 3 day film festival to a 10 week project where students collaboratively and creatively produce a digital narrative from across many different schools. The next Flick-It-On! project starts 14th October 2013.

Our Aims

To operate an enriching film school project to:
  • grow student learning through the effective use of film
  • enable students communicate their ideas through digital literacies
  • support collaborative teacher professional learning and sharing

How Flick-It-On! Works

Teachers sign up their class and the organisers team your class with 2 other classes from different schools to collaboratively make movies based on a theme. Each year we ‘tweek’ the project based upon feedback from teachers and students. One teacher from each team will be the coordinator. The 2013 rotations are:

Round 1

EVERY class in each group makes a SILENT MOVIE based on the theme, adds a title at the beginning and adds credits at the end. Then they Flick-It-On! to the next class. (4 Weeks)

Round 2

Each class watches the silent movie they have been sent. Students interpret the story of the silent movie, write a script and add VOICE OVER and SOUND EFFECTS. They add credits. Then they Flick-It-On! to the next class. (2 Weeks)

Round 3

Each class watches the movie they have been sent (it now has voice over & sound effects). Students interpret the movie and then add MUSIC TO SHOW MOOD & EMOTION. They add credits and then Flick-It-On! back to the class who made the original silent movie and the groups team leader. (2 Weeks)

Flick-It-On! #4

The next Flick-It-On! #4 collaborative film making challenge starts October 14th 2013. For this round your students can choose their OWN theme.


1. 3:15 (the time)

2. A magic trick

3. A Rubrik's Cube

Your students can decide how 'big' or 'small' a part each "ingredient" plays in their one minute silent movie.

Why take part?

Filmed at ULearn12 (October 2012). Note: Flick-It-On! has evolved into 3 rotations.

Collaborative student film making challenge from EDtalks on Vimeo.

Silent Movie Example

Flick-It-On! The Silent Movie from Emma Watts on Vimeo.

Finished Movie Example

Helping Hands from Emma Watts on Vimeo.

How to sign up for the project

Find out more about the project

Visit our wiki page to find out more about the project. Watch movies made in previous Flick-It-On! projects and find out tips for making movies. www.kidscanfilm.wikispaces.com