Edmodo Pen Pal Project

Project Coordinator - Tina Schmidt - @MrsSchmidtB4

Project Goals:
Students will engage in discussions with other students in the project about their country, school, hobbies, favorite activities, etc.
Students will learn to respect and appreciate the opinions, cultures and customs of others.
Students will be able to see the differences and similarities between themselves and others around the world.

Standards Alignment: Common Core Standards for Listening and Speaking

Engage effectively in a range of collaborative discussions (one-on-one, in groups, and teacher-led) with diverse partners on age appropriate topics, building on others’ ideas and expressing their own clearly

Focus Questions:
  • How are children in different parts of the world similar to me?

  • How are children in different parts of the world different than me?
  • What is life like for children in different areas?
  • How can I tell others more about myself?

Duration: 11-12 Weeks - Teachers will begin set up in early February 2014. Students will begin connecting at the end of February

Targeted Grade Levels/Age Groups: Ages 8 - 14 (Grades 3-8)

Prerequisites: Students will need to have an Edmodo account and be somewhat familiar with the correct way to post in a group. They also need a device for taking pictures to upload to Edmodo. Some familiarity with Web 2.0 tools like Animoto, Voicethread, iMovie or other video/photo sharing tools would be helpful

How This Project Works:
Students will use Edmodo to communicate with the other students in their group. Edmodo is a social network that allows students and teachers to create groups that are closed to the public. Once a teacher has signed their class up, I will link them will 3 other classrooms from different regions of the world. Students will be placed into small groups on Edmodo that consist of 2-3 students from each school. In those small groups, the children will answer weekly discussion questions to share information about themselves and ask questions of their teammates to learn more about them. At the end of the project, the students will create a final "Eye Opener" project. What was an interesting thing or eye opener that you learned as a result of your participation in this project? Students may use any medium they choose for this - Voicethread, Animoto, iMove, Glogster, etc. Teachers may choose from the following: individual project, partner or team projects, or one project from the whole class (ie one Voicethread or Slideshare that the whole class contributes to). Final projects will be posted to a wiki so all project participants can view them. Our final celebration activities will include read time meet ups (Skype or Google Hangouts) if time zone permits.

Required Inputs:
  • Lead teachers will post the weekly topics/guiding questions to their group

  • Students will write posts in Edmodo to answer the posted questions.
  • All teachers will moderate both their own students and the other students in the group
  • It would also be great if students could share photos (that they took themselves) to go with some of the topics
  • Creation of a final "Eye Opener" project


1. Please make sure your students are using proper grammar and spelling and not using “texting” language. This is an educational group. Teachers should moderate all comments in the group. If you see anything anything inappropriate, take a screenshot of it and then delete it. Share the screenshot with that students' teacher and use it as a "teachable moment" to explain what postings should look like.

2. Please be committed to commenting in the group about once a week. It is not fair to the other group members when classrooms don’t follow through after signing up for a project.


  • Week 1 - Teacher introductions. Get students into Edmodo small groups

  • Week 2 - Student introductions in Edmodo small groups
  • Week 3 - Discussion topic - What do you do in your free time? Hobbies/Sports/Vacations
  • Week 4 - Discussion topic - Favorites - Books/Movies/Music/Games/TV shows
  • Week 5 - Discussion topic - Foods - Favorites/local to your area or ethnic background
  • Week 6 - Discussion topic - School - Subjects/size/classroom layout/schedule
  • Week 7 - Discussion topic - Local Area - Weather/Famous Places/Animals in the wild
  • Week 8 - Discussion topic - Holidays you celebrate
  • Week 9 - Discussion topic - Share something else about yourself - Future job plans/Funny or embarrassing moment
  • Week 10 - 11 -Work on "Eye Opener" projects
  • Week 12 - Post "Eye Opener projects to the wiki and set up real time meet ups if possible

How to Join:
1. This project is closed for the time being. Project info was emailed to those who registered on February 11, 2014

2. Students and teachers will each need to create their own individual Edmodo account with a username and a password. Classroom teachers should create their own group first and allow students to try it out with classmates if they have never used Edmodo before. Clusters will be created as teachers sign up for the project. I will do my best to connect classes with others in different areas, but it will depend on how many teachers join the project. Once clusters are formed, I will email links to a Google Doc so an Edmodo group can be created.

3. View Edmodo Netiquette Prezi below and have a discussion with your students about proper behavior in the group.

For further information
DM @MrsSchmidtB4 or or email me direct (email address on the K-3 Teacher Directory)

For Help with Edmodo visit the Edmodo Help Center