Cranes 4 Peace Project:

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Project Goals:
Students will share their Peace Crane Project journey through the Cranes4Peace blog and spread the message of Peace for the United Nations International Peace Day.
Students will be able compare and contrast how they approach the project and how schools around the world do.
Students will get to know students from other global classroom schools.

Duration: Started August, 2013 and will possibly continue until 2014.

Targeted Grade Levels/Age Groups:Ages 8-13.

How This Project Works:
The six schools are already registered as members of the Peace Crane Project and in some cases have additional classroom exchange partners who are not part of the blog. The __Peace Crane Project__ is a fabulous project designed to raise awareness of the UN International Peace Day on September 21st. It asks participants to write a peace poem on one side of the square and create a peace picture on the other then turn the paper into an origami crane. These cranes are then displayed and/or exchanged with another school.
The __Cranes4Peace__ blog is a forum for the six member schools to highlight the different activities they are doing as part of this project. Further collaborations are being planned to learn more about each other but already additional peace cranes have been sent to the various schools from the different blog members.
The blog was created by Karen Stadler after discussions on Twitter by several of the group members who wanted to develop the connections between our schools through the project.

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For further information
Contact @KerryMuste, @ICT_Integrator, @mkurashige, @MrsSchmidtB4 or @PhoenixSchool.